My Masterpiece at 91

   by Dulcie Adams for Build A Dream (2014)

I first made a sketch of my idea (with tongue in cheek)! Since there was a left ear included I was influenced to use Van Gogh's technique with the self-portrait and the mountain.
The letters match the type of lettering of the famous Hollywood sign.
To make the mountain, I used the following items: Tempered Hardboard, Canvas Cloth, Wire Mesh, Aluminum Wire Spool, Nylon Thread Spool, Card Stock Paper, Modeling Clay, Canvas Board, Plaster Cloth Wrap, Styrofoam Rod, Wooden Mannequin, Round Wood Dowel, 1 Wood Disc, Novelty Ear, Packing Peanuts.
I made a mountain out of the bottom of the box and cardboard that was left over. I stuffed the mountain with packing peanuts. I made the ear box out of the mannequin's box.
I used sculpting tools, glue, glue gun, X-acto Blade, Acrylic Paints for the mountain, and Oil Paints for the portrait.

I envisioned the idea of building a mountain with my masterpiece and me on top. The figure at the bottom is me climbing the mountain through my years of paintings to reach my goal of painting a masterpiece!!

To achieve the effect on the figures, I first painted a layer of white gesso over all the modeling clay so the acrylic paints in color adhered better.
I found that painting Itoya O'Glue over the finished painted figures gave a nice glossy finish to them.