Nature's Majestical Ride Of Life

   by Linda Nelson for Build A Dream (2014)

Techniques: Used the sea sponge to add paint to the project to make a more soft natural look to it.
Wanted the project to the same mechanical mechanisims as a real swing would and actually spin on its axis.

Tools used: Scissors
Tacky glue
Box knife
Lacquer paint (brush-on)
Brush-on Clear coat
Spray on Lacquer paint

Material used contained in box:

8"x10" Tempered Board
9"x 12" Canvas cloth
8"x10" Wire Mesh
32' Aluminium wire spool
Natural Sea sponge
Plastic egg
8.5" x 11" Card stock paper
1lb. Van Aken modeling clay (plastalina)
6"x 8" Canvas board
15' Plaster cloth wrap
12" x1" Styrofoam rod
12" X .375" Square basswood dowel(2)
12" x .25" Square basswood dowel (2)
5/16" Round wood dowel
Corn starch biodegradable packing peanuts

Life and Nature: It is like one big ride.
It goes around in circles like a globe and a swing, for the most part it flows freely without any interruptions.
It starts over and over again without hesitations or delays. It has no button to push and no electrical gadgets to keep it running, it is always magical and it keeps you guessing.

Choosing a theme: I wanted to incorporate nature into a ride like a swing and actually make it spin and turn around.