Ninja Dream

   by Adyson Wright and Lynn and Randy Duvall, Amber Wright for Build A Dream (2014)

I used the mystery build box, wood pieces and wire, plaster of paris, plaster, knife, scissors,pliers, paint brush, water,paint, glue. First, I made the ninjas. Second, I created the mountain. Third, I made the weapons. Fourth, I put it all together.

My inspiration was that I love karate and crafting. I have a yellow belt in karate and love doing it. My dream is to earn a black belt. Each ninja on the mountain is a color of a karate belt, with the black ninja on top. Each ninja has a weapon that is used in Okinawan Karate. The beginner is practicing on a kick bag. The blue belt ninja has a Bo and the orange belt has a scythe. The green belt ninja has nun-chucks and the ninja on top is holding 4 black belts to represent 4 degrees.