by Marilyn Brunas for Build A Dream (2014)

Starting with the floor, I used the 8"x10" tempered hardboard. The bed was made with a wire mattress, covered with canvas cloth as a sheet, and also cover which I fringed. The posts of the bed are made of the 12"x.25" square basswood dowel. The head in the bed is made of modeling clay which I painted with acrylic paint. The end table is made of the 1.5" wood disc and Styrofoam rod. The C D player is made of the modeling clay. The rugs are out of the canvas cloth, which I also fringed and painted with acrylic paint. The notes are made from the card stock paper I painted black and then cut the notes out of the paper. They are mounted on the nylon thread from the 12 yd. spool. The dream is on the 6"x8" canvas board (1/2 of it) upon which I put Beethoven and Brahms playing their pianos, done in charcoals. The backdrop, the sky, is the bottom of the box, and the clouds are sponge cut in pieces and painted white with a little blue. The ear is of course, the large Van Gogh ear in the kit.

Living only 2 miles from Interlochen Center for the Arts, much time has been spent as concerts. It made me think how wonderful it would be to be able to see these composers play their works. so, I thought, wouldn't that be a nice dream, to be able to see what you are hearing

I am an older person, as you can see from my pictures. I was a doll artisan for 17 years, creating dolls from all periods of history (even Henry V111 and all of his wives). But when the economy fell, I found my market shrink, so I decided to try some other art medium. I tried Portrait painting, and found, much to my delight, I could capture people on canvas. That is what I now do for pleasure, and once in a while for profit.