Ode à Dali

   by Erica Simons for Build A Dream (2014)

The materials I used were the tempered hardboard, wire mesh, aluminum rod, wire spool, natural sea sponge, the Van Aken modeling clay, canvas board, plastic cloth, Styrofoam rod, wooden mannequin, both .375" basswood dowels, the round wood dowel, a .25" basswood dowel, the Van Gogh ear, the plastic egg, some canvas cloth and packing peanuts.

I started by sorting out the location of the pieces I was planning on attaching to the hardboard base. I tested the wire for structural stability, and then drilled holes into the base, creating standoffs for it. I then used the wire mesh, packing peanuts and wire to make my clocks and cut up the dowel and basswood dowel for my table and supports. I bent the aluminum rod for the skeleton of the tree. I used the plaster cloth wrap to build up my surfaces for the table (with wire mesh on the ends), clocks, rock and tree. After everything dried, I put a coat of white spray paint on everything and then began the painting and assembly process. The final piece I created was the egg with the flower coming out of it.

My inspiration came to me a few nights before the contest deadline. Because I love surrealism and have a deep love of Salvador Dali's work, I chose to make a medley and rewrite of a few of his paintings. He was known to also have a lips couch, so the ear had to support the table the clock was to drip from. The floor was created from a portion of the Metamorphosis of Narcissus, as well as the pose of the model. The melting clocks are a direct reference to the Persistence of Memory.