Once Upon A Dream

   by Andrea BMM Letter and Brennan, Maia, Miguel for Build A Dream (2014)

Each character on the book was made from wire, clay, and acrylic paints. One(the Platicorn) was created using half of the plastic egg, clay, and acrylic paint. Another used wire mesh on the clay to look like armor. The girl figure was made using the aluminum wire.
Once the figures were made, we started on the book using part of the box from the supplies and the plaster cloth wrap. Then we painted it like it was an old yellowing book. Canvas cloth was used to make the pages of the book. "Once Upon A Dream" was written with black marker on the canvas.

Miguel's inspiration came from his love for Medieval times and the fact that there was little pollution long ago.
Maia's inspiration to add to the piece is here strong desire to become a writer.
Brennan's ideas came from his love for creativity, travel, and animals of all shapes and sizes.

It took many different strategies working with materials and ideas, and hard work. In the end the group pulled it off working together.