Once in a Dream

   by Anna Newcomb for Build A Dream (2014)

The theme was taken literally and the project itself was made over a few months. After looking over the materials I had and settling on an idea, I began working. Relying on my own memory of my dream I began making it in reality.

As a base I used the tempered hardboard to create a sturdy foundation. Half of the cardboard box was used for the backdrop. For the main pillar half of the styrofoam rod was used and glued down to the base. the canvas board was taken apart and the cardboard from that was used to make the hill. Wire mesh was used to build up around the styrofoam rod and in the background. Once that was done, the plaster cloth wrap was used to cover the area to make the piece look more natural. Water was used to break down some of the packing peanuts to add on top of the plaster to add texture.

For the crystal, which is on top of the main pillar, I used the mannequin's head, which had been carved to a more diamond shape. The tree hanging from the top right hand corner was made using the aluminum wire. The spikes behind the dragon were made using a mix of the square basswood dowels. The plastic egg was cut up and used for the cluster of smaller spikes in the back. The flowers and leaves were carved from the round wood dowel and the bushes were made from the sea sponge, which was cut up.
The dragon was made using the aluminum wire as a skeleton. Some left over wire mesh was used on the wings for added support. Then the whole thing was covered in the Van Aken clay and sculpted. His staff was a part of the round dowel. For painting the piece I used oil paint and mixed colors that would help with the mood of the piece. The moon was added last and made from the canvas board, which had been taken apart earlier.

I wanted to take the theme literally and make one of my own dreams in reality. Everyone's minds are different, and so everyone's dreams are different. When we are asleep we unconsciously create these sometimes beautiful images in our head.

I always try to remember my dreams if I can. They have become a great source of inspiration for all my art. I often use common themes that are often in my dreams, like the giant, full moon or the dragon.