One Two Many Nightmares

   by Madyson Meskimen and Marie Guillermo, Alan Mendoza for Build A Dream (2014)

We built our project using plaster, plastina clay, wire mesh, wire, wooden rods, canvas, acrylic paint, cardboard, and the wooden circle from the mannequin. We used the cardboard from the box to make the base and the buildings in the background. We used the box containing the mannequin for the tall building. The background buildings and tall building were painted grey with acrylic. The canvas was painted navy blue, black, and purple with acrylic to look like a night sky. The base was covered with plaster, and then painted a greenish color to look like water. The pit in the middle was also made of plaster painted black with acrylic paint. The pit contains several snakes made out of plastina clay and they were painted red, yellow, white, and black with acrylic paint. The shark fins were also made out of clay painted grey. The bug hanging from the wooden rod is made from the wire mesh and wire, spray painted brown. The boy was made out of wire, covered with dyed clay, and painted with acrylic. The moon was made out of the base of the mannequin, painted grey. A face was added with black paint and Sharpie. There is wire mesh surrounding the base and the pit. The swirls next to the hanging bug were made out of wire.

We wanted to have multiple nightmares that are the most common and universal. For example, falling is a common nightmare that people have. People are also afraid of snakes, bugs, sharks, and drowning. The black pit with the snakes also represents darkness, another thing that causes nightmares. We added the moon with the scary face to emphasize that it was nighttime, and the fact that dreams can get pretty weird. We wanted to make the viewer as uncomfortable and as creeped out as possible by adding several different nightmares that would relate to many different people. We decided on the nightmare interpretation of the Build a Dream theme because we thought that we could get really creative with it. It was easy to come up with the subject matter and it was fun to try to make everything as creepy as possible.