Out of Darkness

   by Conny Shyvers for Build A Dream (2014)

Out of Darkness
By Conny Shyvers
Method of Creation:

World: Wire mesh shaped around a dog’s tennis ball. Removed tennis ball. Paper mache’d the world. Enamel paint applied to form continents and water. Base done with a wood dowel carved with an Xacto into the shape of a toothpick which was glued onto wooden circular piece. Layer of clear enamel then applied.

Cowboy: Body made out of the chest and lower half of mannequin, then used wire for arms, legs and neck, held on by peanuts. Head carved out of Styrofoam dowel, with clay applied over it. Hair created from threads from canvas sheet. Boots and shirt were made out of clay, and hat and pants were made out of canvas and assembled with hot glue. Piece was painted with enamel paint.

Asian Girl: Head and hair constructed in same manner as Cowbody. Legs made from mannequin’s arms, and mannequin’s hands were carved into shoes. Body made from part of sponge wrapped in wire mesh, covered with plaster wrap. Wire used for arms and neck. Hands were carved from wooden dowel wood, with clay applied on top. Clothing created from box cellophane covering cut out and painted.

African Boy: Head created same way as Cowboy, except hair made from Styrofoam shavings that were glued and painted. Mannequin legs and feet used for same, then lower part of legs were cut shorter and re-attached using peanuts. Body made from chunk of foam ear covered with paper mache’ with wire inserted for arms and neck. Clothes cut out of canvas and hand sewn, then colored with felt pens.

Hispanic Girl: Head and hair constructed as others were. Body made from foam ear. Wire used for arms, neck, and legs, then covered with clay. Clothing created with paper mache’. Shoes carved from wooden dowel. One hand was carved from wooden dowel, and one hand created from clay. Piece painted with enamels.

Abused Child: Created using piece of the sponge wrapped in wire mesh for body. Head made in same way as other pieces. Wire covered clay used for arms and legs. Piece painted with enamels.

Landscape: Grass was made with peanuts that were squeezed, halved and clipped with scissors, and glued down with tacky glue to the particle board sheet. River created with clay. Fish made with Styrofoam and clay eyes. Sand made of leftover paper mache and scraps that were smashed in a Ziploc bag with a hole in the bottom to only use finer pieces instead of larger pieces. Flowers made from snipped peanuts. Stems made from wooden dowel shavings. All painted with enamels.

Backdrop: Made using bottom of box and inside cellophane wrap from box. Shadow figures made from paper provided Painted with enamels.

When I think of creating "a dream" it immediately comes to me that my dream all my life is and was to bring children out of violence. I wouldn't know how to even start to make this happen, but I know as a Parent educator for the last 25 years, and a parent of 3 sons, that most parents don't want to hurt their children. At the core, they just want to love them with all their might. Bringing children out of violence, and adults into the light of skill and knowledge, CAN happen, I know it can, but since I don't have a complete "plan" to make that happen, it is a dream! :)

This challenge was crazy hard! HA