Out of the Darkness

   by Elizabeth Young for Build A Dream (2014)

My techniques were pretty simple - using wire cutters, scissors, an x-acto knife, hot glue, and my fingers I shaped my creation.

Of the materials in the box, the following were used:

For the horse:
-Blue egg
-Van Gogh ear
-Thin wire/thick wire
-Packing Peanuts
-Wooden "poles"
-Wire spool plastic "wheels"
-Wooden circles

For the owl:
-Wooden mannequin
-Chicken wire mesh
-Instruction Booklet
-Packing Peanuts
-Thin wire

For the base/misc. shapes
-Wooden board
-Thick wire

I decorated the piece with acrylic paint.

My inspiration was twofold:

1. My boyfriend is terrified of owls. I seem to have built a nightmare.
2. After wracking my brain for inspiration, I decided to look into what different animals meant in the dream world. I was drawn to the horse, as it is linked to ambition, passion and drive. I also found the owl - a creature often seen as a spirit guide, a source of wisdom or the wish to seek wisdom and clarity, as well as a symbol of change.

When I graduated college in 2010, I stopped making art. I lost my focus and my drive to do anything creative. I fell into a state of melancholy and cloudiness because of it that I couldn’t get out of. Recently, this has changed as certain events in my life have forced me to look at my priorities differently. This piece represents this transition. The horse, as it moves through the gloom and blackness, is symbolic of the driving force behind my dark state. The owl, however, is stronger than that, acting as a guide and a beacon, fighting back and representing those things which give me meaning, acting as a reminder that I should not waste the time given me.