Paradise--Home on the Water/Nightmare--Tsunami Dream Crashing Down

   by Linda Barnett for Build A Dream (2014)

I began by cutting up box top to use as the water and box bottom to fill in the corners using glue. I then covered the entire base with gesso and painted white with acrylic paint. For the A-frame house, I used and painted the box bottom for the floors and ceiling. I took the hard board and used a table saw to cut into 3/4 inch pieces that I used to create the structure of the A-frame. The A-frame was connected at the top by using a screw from the deconstructed person and drilling the two pieces together. The roof was made from the box bottom and covered with the canvas cloth painted brown. Folded in half, the A-frame structure was glued to the roof in the front of the house. These pieces were also glued around the outside of the house to the flooring. The roof was then covered with clay that was mixed with oil paint in a baggy and pushed through a clay mold to create a "shag" like material. I then cut and layered each row to complete the roof.

The circular bed was made with the large wooden disk covered with a piece of plaster of paris for the lower part and clay for the top pillow piece. I then painted it using pearl white lumiere paint giving it that shimmery effect. The small pillows were made from clay painted red and blue. The art work on the walls, some of the pillows, and the rug in front of the sink were made from a piece of the box bottom painted white and then abstractly painted with acrylic paints. A piece of the wire mesh and strings pulled from the brown canvas roof were all decoupaged to the box bottom and cut up. The lounge chair and couch were made from foam pieces, clay and wire mesh painted with lumiere shimmery paints in blue and green. The chair pedestal is made from the wire circled around the round wooden post and cut with wire cutters. Super glue was used to secure the pedestal to the chair seat. The couch was glued to a piece of square wood post painted brown and cut into a smaller piece for the base. The coffee table was made from pieces of the hard board cut up and glued. The vase on the coffee table is clay and pieces of canvas thread made into a bowl with my fingers. For the side table by the lounge chair, I cut a thin piece of the round dense foam post with a scroll saw and painted it black. For the pedestal, I took clay and blue oil paint mixed in a baggy, twisted it, cut it and glued it to the top. I then painted it black. The vase on the side table is a piece of the deconstructed person, twisted wire and a small piece of clay and wire mesh painted abstractly with acrylic paints. The sink and oven were made from the box bottom and acrylic pens. The faucet is a piece of the wire bent to shape. The curtain is a small piece of the plaster of paris sheet formed to shape, painted white, and glued to wall. The ladders are made from pieces of the hard board cut into smaller pieces with the scroll saw and glued into place.

The pilings under the house are made from the round dense foam post cut with a scroll saw and painted brown. One of the small wooden discs were used to level the front piling under the house. For the coral I used the sponges that were soaked in brown paint and water until saturated and laid out to dry. They were then cut horizontally and lightly accented with white acrylic paint. The starfish are made from the blue colored clay.

The water was painted with acrylic paints topped with pearl white lumiere paint. The wave was created using the plaster of paris strips wrapped around a large canning pan and allowed to dry. It was then painted with acrylic paints. The water and wave were covered and glued with the cellophane from the box.

My inspiration comes from two of actual dreams in my life, one is a conscious dream, and the other is a subconscious nightmare dream. My conscious dream is to live directly on the water and has been all of my life. This is my paradise dream. My nightmare dream occurs a few times every year all involving me being on the water whether on a ship or on land and looking up to see a large tsunami wave ready to crash down on me. So my Mystery Build Dream is a combination of these two real dreams I have in my life!!

This has been so mind-blowing for me!!! I didn't receive my box until May 31, 2014 and have not stopped. It totally took me outside of my comfort zone and consumed my mind with how to create and put together these two dreams. I would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to stop thinking about the next step or what to do.