Peace on Earth

   by Holly Aven for Build A Dream (2014)

To construct the lion I used the foam ear for the body (1,2) and one of the egg halves for the chest/neck,
the other egg half supplies the support for the mane shaping the back of the head(3,4,5). I added some
yellow ochre oil paint to the plastilina for the lion body, some burnt umber oil paint for the mane and tail tip, then touched it up with some black acrylic paint for the facial features and mane highlights (6,7).
The manikin was removed from its stand and arms and legs removed. They were replaced with wire and covered with the starch, then the plaster mesh added and shaped over the hands, feet and head to build it up and make it paintable(acrylic). The same method was used for the lamb. (9,10,11,and 12)
The canvas was used for NewMan’s clothing. I cut the garments, used food coloring to dye the canvas then Fabric Stitch glued the seams. The shirt was originally dyed orange – not his color scheme! – used red acrylic paint over the orange dyed – much better! (13,13a,14,15,16 and 17)
Then the box for the manikin and the Mystery Build instructions were shredded and made into paper pulp with water and a little Elmers. I used a rolling pin to flatten out a large wad of pulp for the grass base, painting it with green acrylic. The other wad of pulp was shaped into a “rock” which supported
the back of NewMan as he sat upright, holding the lamb and petting the lion. (18,19 and 20)
The tree is the Styrofoam rod, wire branches pushed in and covered with plaster mesh then painted with brown acrylic paint. The leaves are made from the white sheet of paper, painted green on both
sides with green acrylic paint, then punched with oak leaf shaped craft punch. The leaves hang on
1/8 “ strips of wire mesh that are wound around the branches. The leaves were glued with ModPodge to stay in place. (21,22,23 and 23a)
Once assembled, our NewMan sits peacefully under a tree petting a mighty lion while gently holding what might have been either the lion’s or the man’s dinner before the new earth! (24,25,26 and 27)

“Peace on Earth” represents the renewed earth, a promise given in the Bible.
I used the lion and lamb to represent the Isaiah 11:6-7 reference . Although the text actually says
“the wolf shall lie down with the lamb”, the promise is often depicted as a lion and lamb; predator
and prey representing peace in the animal kingdom and among men.