Pearl's Dive

   by Kathleen McLeod for Build A Dream (2014)

The only materials used other than those in the box were acrylic paint, colored pencils and glue. The only material in the Mystery Box I didn't use was the aluminum rod. The base of "Pearl's Dive" used both the hardboard and the cardboard backing canvas board. The bottom of the Mystery Box is the frame for her Dive. The canvas cloth is the sand floor and parts of the Styrofoam rod (split length wise) are used underneath to create the sand dunes. The wire mesh forms Pearl's tail (over the wooden mannequin), the octopus' body and tentacles (over 1/2 of the plastic egg), the three swimming fish and the three dart fish. The aluminum wire was used as the crab's armature (with packing peanuts as stuffing) and the spool itself is the stool Octopus sits on. The sea sponge was sliced into fan coral and the rest was used as Pearl's hair. The thread was used to suspend the three little fish from the ceiling. The 8.5" x 11" card stock was used for the backdrop of the dive and the painting was done with colored pencils. The modeling clay was used over the wire mesh on Pearl's body, the three fish and the dart fish, in molds to form the starfish and various sea plants, to form the bottles at the bar and the glass in Crab's claw, the string of pearls on the roof and the large pearl in the oyster. The canvas board was taken apart and the canvas part was washed then used as the large sign on the roof. The plaster cloth wrap was used as the skin of both the crab and the octopus, wrapped around part of the Styrofoam rod and the round wooden dowel to create piers with small dabs of the cloth added as the orange sea growth, at the edges of the canvas "sand floor" to finish the look and wrapped around the foam Van Gogh ear to create the extra large oyster on the roof. The .375" square dowels are the uprights for the roof sign. The .25" square dowels are used as structure and support at the edges of the Dive and a part as the shelf behind the bar. One wood disc was used as the dart board. In addition I used the clear plastic wrap as the opening behind the dart board and the white plastic wrap the plaster cloth came in are the leaves of the seaweed that wraps around Pearl. The plastic wrap around the clay was used for Pearl's wig cap and part of the box the mannequin came in is used for the bar.

My dream as a child was to be able to live and breathe underwater. My dream as an adult is to own a dive bar somewhere along the gulf of Mexico. I combined these two dreams in my answer to Build a Dream. Dive bars always have interesting characters and Pearl's Dive is certainly no exception.