Picking the Flower of Knowledge

   by Tammy Hartley and David, Phoenix, & Chera for Build A Dream (2014)

The Box: the base

Tempered Hardboard: a table to support the base

Canvas Cloth: flower petals and leaves

Wire Mesh: the fist

Aluminum Rod: support for fist and stem of big purple and yellow flower

Aluminum Wire on Spool: additional part of stem for big purple and yellow flower, stem and leaves for smaller purple flower, vine with smallest purple flowers around fallen log, wire flowers and curly ques

Plastic Wrap from around Aluminum Wire on Spool: mist in the garden

Plastic Egg: center of big yellow and orange flower

Card Stock Paper: big purple and yellow flower

Moldeling Clay: mold for books

Plaster Cloth Wrap: books and fist

Plastic Rod from Plaster Cloth Wrap: stem of red flower

Styrofoam Rod: fallen fog

Wooden Mannequin: stone

Box from Wooden Mannequin: smallest purple flowers, and grey butterflies

Stand for Wooden Mannequin: orange and yellow flower with small purple flower

Small Square Basswood Dowel: legs for table that support the base

Round Wood Dowel: legs on upside-down stool that the big yellow and orange flower made fromthe plastic egg

Wood Disc: seat of upside-down stool, and small purple flower

Novelty Foam Van Gogh Ear: stone

Corn Starch Biodegradable Packing Peanuts: stem and leaves of small purple flower

Getting a good education is a dream worth building. Picking the "Flowers of Knowledge and Wisdom" is the reward.

It was fun in an overwellming kind of way.