Pigs Will Fly

   by David Enero for Build A Dream (2014)

"Pigs Will Fly" started out as a silly doodle, then the 3rd of 3 mock-up. I used the mock-up as a template to transition in to start making the actual project. How I used kit is as follows:

The Tempered Hardboard was cut into the wings skeleton, gears and drive parts.

Canvas Cloth was cut and super-glued to the wing skeleton. Some of the fibers were used to make the red wagons pull ropes.

Wire mesh was used to make Gru's body shape (helped save a ton of weight and plaster cloth)

Aluminum Rod is the pig lift piston rod, the rod was heated. bent into a Y at the top, and drilled for-
-the cotter pin. The pig lift hook was also made from the rod.

Aluminum Wire Spool got used everywhere. The armature of Gru has it, the pigs wings use it, there
-are cotter pins in the pig lift, and the chain links holding the pig are all made from it.
The pig has a cute little buckle that can't be seen...

Sea Sponge was used as ear wax. I figured that Gru's Minions know what a mad scientist needs....

Nylon Thread was wrapped around the pneumatic pump handle that Gru's left foot is supported on.
I also used thread to hold the pigs harness on, and some of the stitching detail
THAT CAN'T BE SEEN is also thread........

Plastic Egg that came to me was blue. I painted the black Gru minion symbol on each half
and made hard hats.

Styrofoam Rod was used to make the bottom half of the pig lifts piston. I also made the eye forms
of the minions out of foam and Gru has some foam in his butt.

Van Aken Modeling Clay was used as form for the minions.

Canvas Board became bases for the minions, because they have feet to tiny to support them.

Plaster Cloth Wrap was used to make the paint-able outer skins of the minions, and Gru.

Wooden Mannequin...that poor fellow was used for his spring, screws and joints.
The spring makes the pigs wing gear drive only when turned in one direction.
(a rubber band that came with the project was supposed to be the drive wound by key)
The screws went into four joints and became wheel stops for the pig lift.
two joints are connected to aluminum wire on the wings as pivot points.

Square Dowels all went in to making the pig lift, and then were painted.

Round Dowel was connected to the pigs winding key and gear.

Novelty Foam Van Gogh Ear is being trucked around in the minions red wagon, for minion purposes.

Corn Starch Packing Peanuts became the pig.

Project Box was used for the housing of the pigs gear drive parts, the wagon, wheelbarrow, and

----Tools used + How I used it!----

Leatherman multil tool: The needle-nose pliers helped me do everything from make the chain links
from the aluminum wire, to cutting everything- wire, foam etc.
Jig-saw: The gears on the pigs back were rough cut with jig-saw, as well as some of the dowels.

Dremel: The dremel was used to do cutting and sanding.

Torch: I heated up the Aluminum rod to make it soft enough to split and bend in a Y shape.

Soldering iron: As I was making the pig I used the soldering iron to shape the packing peanuts.

Acrylic paint and small paint..

wood glue and super glue: The pig hoist was made from the wood dowels needed wood glue.
I ran out of wood dowels and ended up gluing stacked tempered -
-hardboard to make the short cross beams at the base. The super-
-gule I used on the paper parts.
Scissors: I did a TON of cutting. The smaller set of gears is made from the contest box bottom.
Ruler: I did a lot of measuring.
On-line gear drafting site: The pig was meant to work and so in planning I searched out a free site
online that generated sets of gears for the winding system.
Water: I used the water to stick the corn starch peanuts together. I also used it for the plaster cloth.

Drill: I used the drill to make holes for the wire cotter pins on the pig lift, and on the hardboard as
stop points for the jig-saw.

Painters blue tape: I taped off the black and yellow striping on the pig lift, as well as the arrow
and the exclamation point on the pneumatic lift piston.

Research wise I looked at a lot of books on important inventions, paper folding, and 3d paper art. I also looked at books on character design. I felt that using a known character would better establish feeling for my project. Other than Gru I considered Pinkey and the Brain, Martin Luther King Jr., and Frankenstein.The design is meant to fit on a mantle shelf at home, so I made it skinny and tall. It is approximately 18" tall and 12" long. The minions are separate because I wanted to be able to move them around. I really tried to create depth by making the small gears in the rear, or draw the eye by creating angles, color contrast, and odd number of items. The safety black safety stripes on the yellow crane legs are for example on different sides.The minions are different shades of yellow. The pig balances Gru, and Gru would topple the project without the pig. The pig is suspended by the chain. I agonized over not making the pigs flight gear finished and painted, but I came to the conclusion that building a dream is about the journey and the feeling of being so close to victory that you can taste it, so it had to be close, but still incomplete. The wings do flap when the key is turned, there is just no spring or thing to wind as a drive. I actually made more parts to the project and left them out because when I was taking the photos the picture was to cluttered.

Months of constant frustration. I saw how many great projects had been made in the past. I was/am totally overwhelmed by possibility. I lay awake at night for months, and every idea that came to me ended up inside with "yea, when pigs fly." I figured pigs will fly if I make them; Gru and his minions would be the perfect under-dogs to make pigs fly.

My wonderful wife, Nataly has humored, encouraged and stuck by me.