Plant A Dream & Let It Grow

   by Madeline Wilson for Build A Dream (2014)

1. I deconstructed the mystery box itself and made it the backdrop. Since so much weight would be used, the 8x10'' hardboard was glued to the bottom to add stability. Paint was acrylic.

2. The face and neck of the tree was made by pressing the wire mesh against a Styrofoam manikin head. This was followed by three layers of plaster cloth wrap to keep it strong since the rest of the tree would branch from the crown of the head. Clay was used to build up feature and smooth out the face. Acylic paint was used.

3. The trunk of the tree is made from the 12x1'' Styrofoam rod and held in place by craft glue. The branches are made from the basswood dowels with the aluminym wire spools added for girth, stability and some tiny off shoots. All of this was than wrapped in the plaster to give it a better texture. Paint was oil-based.

4. The "dream fruit" was made by using the plastic eggs and plaster. Paint was acrylic.

5. The mannquin was going to stand ontop of the stone wall so I needed to insure the base would hold up to additional weight. The rest of the basswood dowels were used as tracks and achors for the walls. The walls were part of the box as well. Paint was acrylic.

6. The gate through the stone wall was made by cutting the canvas from the canvas board, folding it over and painting both sides. Paint was acrylic.

7. The card stock was used as small hinges for the door.

8. Grass was created by soaking the packing peanuts and mashing them against the hardboard. Once dry, acrylic paint was applied.

9. Leaves were made by painting both sides of the canvas cloth, cutting out leaf shapes, gluing the ends together to create depth and than gluing each individually to the branches.

10. The farmer was made by using the wooden mannequin as a base and than applying clay for the skin and plaster for clothing. Hair is the nylon thread. Oil based paint is used for the clothing.

Parts NOT used for this project:
- Aluminum Rod
- 5/16'' Round Wood Dowel
- 1.5'' Wood Discs
- Van Gogh Ear

I imagined that to build a dream, you must first have a foundation. That foundation became a seed. Something that you plant, than nurture and grow until it is ready. Some dreams dont always work out, however, like the fruit shattered in the backdrop.

This was a great learning experience as I have not worked with 3D crafts since elementary school. I also learned oil based paint is a poor choice since it takes so long to dry.