Plant territory

   by Mariah Weaver and Lauren for Build A Dream (2014)

My teammate and I build a plant with a person that gets tangled.The techniques we used is colors, shapes, and space.The tools we used is paint, wire, mesh wire, cardboard, clay,egg, ear as a stone inside of the egg.the circle stone as stairs to walk on.the colors we use to paint is green, black,red,blue,and grey.We used black as a sky to make it creepy . My teammate and I used different of greens to make it look like a nightmare.We used paintbrushes to make grass on the floor.For the the clay we melted it in a small pot and then when the clay is melted we adda little of green paint to make the plant to be green.Also, we cut the box so we could put the mesh wire in front where we cut it.

The inspiration for our project is that its a nightmare dream. A person walks into the gate where the giant plant is at, so the person can get the stone out of the blue egg. Your not suppose to walk in the gate where the giant plant to hurt you,but the person did not listen and decides to go in.Instead getting the stone from ther blue egg it turns out that person go tangled from the plant.I chose a nightmare for this theme because its suppose to teach the real world not to go into the gates where something can hurt you.Always look before u go into something.