Reach For The Stars

   by Christine Sterne for Build A Dream (2014)

Plaster wrap was used to create a bowl to which I applied some of the cornstarch popcorns with water and a stiff brush making a mossy texture. I cut and taped together the two box parts, making a background for my scene. The box parts were then painted with acrylics. I also painted the bowl and "moss" with acrylics. Cornstarch popcorns were added to the "sky" background, using water and a stiff brush to make a comet shape and some small star shapes. I made a robe for the mannikin from the canvas, stitching it by hand using the nylon thread. I brushed on a bit of colored eyeshadows to give it some character. I crocheted a beard, mustache and hair for the mannikin using some more of the nylon thread. Then I glued the "hair" to his face and head, then added a little color to it using a brown marker. Gave him some eyes with the brown marker, too. He is not a very flexible guy, is he? I formed a large starburst by sanding half of the orange plastic egg, painting it white then added some pearlescent powders. Then I glued it to the center of the starburst rays that I cut and pinched together from the wire mesh. I then glued the starburst to the upper portion of the background. The mannikin was then placed onto the mossy hill, using some of the plastic clay to hold him in place as he is still attached to the pole but not to the wooden base. Then I assembled all the parts into their proper places and took some photos.

I have always had vivid, colorful and strange dreams. Many are about water in some form and many are about space travel, stars, extra terrestrial civilizations, ancient astronauts and the like. These dreams have long inspired a desire to reach the stars or meet otherworldly visitors. So, reaching for the stars, or at the very least admiring and wondering about who might be out there is one of my great dreams that I have chosen to illustrate.