by Mason Jones and Jean Hong, Jasmine Luevanos for Build A Dream (2014)

In our project we relied mostly on 3 dimensional art. We tried to use every elements that were given to us. Although we couldn't use everything, as our idea did not require some of the objects. For some of the wooden objects we used drills and other means to help the objects conform to our idea and take the shape of our final project. We mostly used the clay, the plaster, and the wood given to us to create certain elements of our projects. Most of our monsters were made entirely out of clay, although some also included certain elements of the wood and metal wire. We made the child out of the wooden model given to us and a minor use of paint and plaster. The bed that the child is found in was made out of the box that the wooden model was found in and the plaster given to us, then covered with a blanket made of the vinyl cloth given and the wooden framing made of the original box that all the objects were found in and the square wooden rods. Our clay was colored using both simply painting the clay and dying the clay through melting it. All objects were held down with hot glue. The lamp found in our project was made from the stand holding up the wooden model, the sheet of printer paper found in the box, the bottom of our plastic egg, and a mix of black and purple acrylic paint. The snake found on this lamp is made from simply the clay and both a brown acrylic and black tempera paint. We made toys found on the floor through sawed cubes of the wooden rods and acrylic paints. We also had made a banshee found at the head of the bed out of white and black paint, the metal wire, and the sheet of paper given to us. The clam-like monster found in one of the corners was made from the sponge given to us and the clay. The clown monster found in another corner was made using mostly red paint, the metal wire, the top half of the plastic egg, and a large amount of clay. The hand found at the foot of the bed is made entirely out of clay, and the black winged monster was created with parts of the wooden model, cuttings from the Van Gogh ear, clay, and black paint.

For the theme "Build a dream", we wanted to build a child's nightmare and his/her fears. We got the ideas in the project from our recent nightmares also had to think about what scared us in the past, when we were children. We came up with a clown, a demon, a sea monster, a snake, and a banshee. Mason had a deep fear of clowns as a child, and both Jasmine and Jean were afraid of the concept of sea monsters and demons when they were little. Jean is still afraid of snakes, and snakes are also seen as a common symbol of evil and dark intents.