Ron Weasley's Bad Dream

   by Jane Orrick for Build A Dream (2014)

I started by building the structure of the bed using the mystery build box itself and two of the square basswood dowels. After getting it put together came painting it to look like old wooden bed you'd imagine seeing in the dorms of Hogwarts. The bed draping was made from the canvas cloth that I dyed with watercolor paint and water mixed together. When the canvas was all dried out I painted gold stars all over to match how they look in the Potter movies. I used pictures from the movies to go off of to get all the little details, down to the letters and numbers to tell whose bed is whose. The card stock paper and some packing peanuts helped to make the pillows and sheets. Another small detail was taking two screws off of the wooden mannequin to make it seem as if it was a real bed nailed together. Acrylic paint and the Van Aken modeling clay were used to make Ron mother’s famous homemade quilt. Under the bed is Ron’s “R.W” trunk also formed from the mystery build box itself, some clay, and aluminum wire. The clay was to soften the edges of the trunk so it didn’t look so much like a box. I glued a piece of wire for the handle then painted it gold to match the color of the trunk.

Building Ron was my next step. I only needed some pieces of the wooden mannequin to build Ron to fit perfectly in his bed. Using a push mold I formed his face with the Van Aken modeling clay. The skin tone, shirt, and hair were also made with clay that was mixed with acrylic paint to get the best colors. Then I came back to add more detail to his face, hair, and shirt again using more acrylic paint. (Just painting it on this time)

The packing peanuts and aluminum wire were how I built the spiders. First trying to paint them with just acrylic paint was difficult; it wasn’t covering as much as I wanted. Then I experimented with spray paint, finding out it was more efficient. I covered the spiders with black spray paint, later adding sliver spray paint for some highlights.

The last touch was adding the spider webs, the nylon thread. I only used hot glue to put things down or together with the whole project. My colors were mostly all acrylic paint some watercolor and spray paint.

I had many sketches of what I planned to do but I wasn't very happy with any of them. Then one day I was watching Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban and there it was; my new idea! There is a scene where Ron wakes up in a panic saying "the spiders want me to tap dance, I don't wanna tap dance!” Most everyone who has read the books or seen the movies knows that Ron hates Spiders! What a perfect idea to build Ron’s silly dream, Right? I wanted it to seem as if his dream was coming to life around him.

This was my first year doing Mystery Build and I can't wait to do it again next year!!