Sailing Away in Dreamland

   by Molly McNeece for Build A Dream (2014)

I used mostly the cardboard found in my kit. To build the bunk bed, I used the dowels and the 6" x 8" canvas board. Then I built the front of the ship with the cardboard from the wooden mannequin. After creating railings and steps, I fashioned the wire mesh to create the two windows. Wire was also used for the ropes adn rope ladder.The hardest part was creating the sails. I used the plaster cloth wrap, mesh and cardboard to create the sails but they still did not seem large enough (I ran out of plaster cloth). I used hot glue and Elmer's glue as adhesives and mostly Acrylic paint for color. Next year, I plan to use spray paint. That way the paint will not be clumpy like the acrylic, and the parts will be evenly coated and smooth

I thought about two boys (brothers) dreaming of escaping on a ship. Their bunk bed they share transforms from their bed to a ship in their dreams and the sculpture depicts them beginning to sail off onto an adventure!

I LOVED this adventurous project. I spent all summer thinking about my sculpture and began to build in August. I now know for 2015 to begin as soon as I get my box. There were a THOUSAND things I could have done to my 2014 sculpture but three months building as a busy mom and an artist were not enough! I learned so much from this project and I love my Build a Dream ship. It stands over 34 inches high and 26 inches wide.