by Jim Pettibone and Cathy and Christy for Build A Dream (2014)

SeaDreams was created using everything from the foam packing beads to the box itself. Plastic wrapping was used to create the ocean.
The box was painted and used as the base. Wire mesh was shaped and covered with plaster cloth to make a reef. This was painted and sea creatures were created with plastic clay and the fringed edges of the canvas cloth. The sea turtle is part of the Van Gogh ear!
The mermaid was created by covering the mannequin with plastic clay and plaster cloth. Her hair is thread from the canvas cloth.
The sea shell was molded in a real shell Dad found at Goodwill with plaster cloth. The butterfly was plastic wrap; the body a foam packing bead rolled and painted. The antennae are a thread from the canvas cloth. Paint and glue were used to complete the project.

The inspiration for SeaDreams comes from two events.
The recent hospice butterfly release for my Mom gave us the idea for a butterfly being set free.
Dad and Mom"s dream vacation was spending the winter on the beach in Mexico in their little RV, beach combing for shells and ocean treasures. We combined these ideas for SeaDreams.

Our 91 year young Dad is a creative inventor. He and Mom spent many years working in the hospital in Kathmandu Nepal where he earned the title Mr Fix It for his ability to fix anything with whatever was at hand,