Self portrait while dreaming.

   by Hanna Vanderstoel and Hanna Vanderstoel for Build A Dream (2014)

I started by draping and cutting a dress pattern on the mannequin using the canvas fabric provided. I took apart most of the mannequin to remove the shoulders so that the figure would look more feminine, and also to remove the head. I sewed the dress using the thread provided and also used the plaster for the straps and bow at her waist.
Next up was making the house. I used the box everything was shipped in and glued it together with hot glue. I then glued it onto the neck of the mannequin and gessoed the entire project.
I then painted her (several times) and used the white paper for the eyes/curtains.
The white canvas panel is painted to resemble a quilt. I sketched out the houses and then painted with acrylic paint.

For over 20 years I have been dreaming in houses. I have dreamed a dozen or so, they reoccur for a while and then morph into a new one. I'm usually anxious during the dream, worried I will wake up before I get to explore the entire house. I'm usually looking for someone or observing someone and they are always nervous dreams but very exciting. I'm always certain I am about to find hidden treasure. I love my house dreams and actually haven't had any for a while. When I read the theme I knew exactly what I wanted her to look like and when I opened the box and saw the materials it was a "dream" come true.

Thank you, this was so fun!