Shark Nightmare

   by Robbie Dewey for Build A Dream (2014)

I molded one of the kids old barbie heads with a balloon taped on top with the Plaster cloth. I shaped it and then used hot glue to glue it to part of the box the kit came in (cut it apart and used the outside white part). I fashioned the top of the shark also from plaster cloth using one of the kids shark toys and adhered the wire mesh for teeth and painted the shark. I colored the clay with blue oil paint melted the clay and brushed it on my shoulders up around the face to mimic a 'dreaming' look. I painted the head to have her look like she was sleeping. I used the 12x1 styrofoam rod covered in more of the wire mesh for the inside piller of the shark and glued it to my box base to have the shark coming out of her dreams. Inside her head I used the plastic that was on the box and took a blow dryer to it to give it a krinkled look and hot glued it to the plaster head. The sponges were cut up and placed in the head as well along with some peanuts. The Canvas cloth sits under her head as a 'pillow'.

Vivid bad dreams of sharks were my inspiration. I tried to come up with happy dreams but the scary ones can sometimes be more fun. I made attempts to add many additional elements like spiders and people but I had difficulty so before I made it 'worse' I decided to quit while I was ahead. :)

I wish I had done more practice on pieces I had so many other things I wanted to add but made too many mistakes! Was a lot of fun Love the tutorials :)