"Slave To A Dream"

   by Julie Sorensen and Julie Kolze Sorensen for Build A Dream (2014)

My piece was conceived as one of 5 or 6 sketched out possibilities. I worked roughly from a drawing of a surreal image related to the theme of building a dream; that every dream is based in often tenacious ideas; that often one is a slave to a thought once it is conceived.

I began with creating a platform base from the container box bottom and adding the center column. Next, I casted my hands out of the plaster gauze. While they were setting up, I began to create the other various parts of the drawing and other changes for elements that I decided upon along the way. I used the wire a couple of ways: armature for a "crutch" (Dali reference) and to make chain to tether the manikin and arm to the platform. I also used the wire as drip arches and used the wire's spool on the column in the center. The masonite sheet a paper were used to extend the image space and create a different level. The mini canvasboard was incorporated as a background element that carried through the manikin theme by utilizing the manikin images from the manikin's box. The ear is used to show another possible portal through which ideas (dreams) travel.

The only box elements I did NOT use in any way were some of the wrappings on things, the Aluminum rod, the floss/spool, and 2 of the 1/4" wood pieces. I ended up adding a little figure, almost a "surfer", made out of 2 packing peanuts. (I just love those things! Used to do a "Packing Peanut Sculpture Challenge project with my 8th grade students.)

Our wood manikin is titled "Creative Mark" using the label from the manikin box UPC and he is gender identified as "Male", also from the box. The sponge was used to convey the home of all dreams and things - the brain!

I used pliers, scissors, a metal skewer, a plastic spoon, paint brushes, hot glue gun, and a saw as construction tools.

The only other materials used were: water, hot glue, acrylic paint, wood glue and a tiny bit of permanent marker.

I created some of it as individual parts were made, but it was mostly made in elements and then assembled. Paint was added to unify the mostly neutral coloration.

I chose to take the Build a Dream theme related to the relentless hold one can feel from having an inspiration. I also incorporated surrealist references of dreaming of realistic things put together in unreal ways.

Dreams as ideas, inspirations and aspirations are all built-in aspects of being an artist, inventor, engineer, creator, problem-solver. There are many of us who simply can't get certain dreams or ideas out of our heads unless we actually build something or solve a visual, mechanical or other kind of problem.

I had such a good time, although I got to the problem at the proverbial "eleventh hour" and did not get the finished craftsmanship I may have with more time...I procrastinated after having decided on which of MY dreams to build. Anyway, I had a blast.