Slaying a Dream

   by Anthony Bigus for Build A Dream (2014)

Made the body of the beast out of chopped up parts of the Styrofoam rod, packing peanuts, and the sea sponge with aluminum wire connecting all the parts. Used the plaster cloth wrap to cover and shape the body. Added modeling clay to further shape the body. Super glued the canvas cloth to aluminum wire to create the wings. Teeth and lower jaw are made of paper and used krazy glue to connect them. Cut a square dowel using a scroll saw to create the sword. Covered the wooden mannequin in modeling clay and added wire mesh to look like armor. Painted everything using acrylic paint.

The sponge looked like the head of a dragon and that seemed like a good creature you would find in a dream. After that I looked into my own dream experiences, where some of my most thrilling journeys have involved me yielding a sword. To be able to position the wooden mannequin in a way where it looked like it was in mid-air intrigued me.