Snaky's Dream Repair

   by Merle HUBBARD and Merle Hubbard for Build A Dream (2014)

I used the box to build the truck body, the mannequin for the driver, the sponge for his hair, the canvas for his vest, the ear for his backrest, the screen and metal rod for the grill, the egg for the blue light, the disks for the headlamps, the wooden dowels for the truck axles. I used modeling clay for the tires. Basswood dowels, nylon thread spool, styrofoam rod and plaster cloth constituted the equipment in the bed of the truck. I used the spool of aluminum wire for the tow cable and more of the wire for the snake hood ornament. Stock paper was used for the truck sign.

I thought of the mannequin as the driver of a truck from the beginning. I decided to name the driver Snaky because of his hood ornament. Snaky is an optimist and intends to repair the world with his equipment