Snow Globe Dream

   by Jaie Phillips for Build A Dream (2014)

Step by step using the box as a frame. Tools were scissors, several kinds of glue: Gorilla, Kraft glue, sparkle glue. White spray paint and assorted acrylic paints.

Items from box, wood for ski and hockey stick, wire mesh for ski pole and background,
Ear for back pack,fabric for hat, scarf and string on back pack, black plastic core from plaster tape for skate. Wooden man. Cardboard from box. Thread and cornstarch chips for snow stands

We live in winter much of the time in northern Canada. Thus each fall there is a dream of snowy days and outside contact with nature.. A childish love of snow globes fired the idea.

Enjoyed the experience. Loved the how to videos especially the voice.
What an imaginative and unusual product you created