Some Beach, Somewhere

   by Janet Elder for Build A Dream (2014)

I used the top and bottom of the shipping box. I joined them to make a corner display. I cut away some of the sides to add to the bottom. I glued the tempered board and the side pieces to make the floor of my display. I topped it with the plaster cloth wrap.
I painted the sky and water with acrylic paint. I then glued the ear in the corner to add height to the lighthouse.

I cut and glued the packing peanuts to look like rocks. I started painting them with brown acrylic paint and realized that they melt when wet. I added more peanuts and, as I did not have chalk, I used my brown eye shadow to dust them.

I used the plaster wrap to look like mounds of sand and painted it with acrylic paint.

I used a piece of the styrofoam rod and cut out holes for the windows. I wrapped the wire mesh and plaster mesh for the body. I painted it to look like bricks. I used the round wooden disk on the top.

Boardwalk and Steps:
I used both sizes of the basswood. I cut them with my band saw to make them thinner. I used aluminum wire and wire mesh also.

I used two of the styrofoam rods and covered them with the canvas cloth to look like waves. I painted them with blue acrylic paint. The water foam is the sea sponge painted white.

I used the modeling clay to make the child, pail, ball, sunbather, and man in the chair. The chair is basswood and canvas cloth. The canvas cloth was also used on the umbrella, flag, and blanket.

I grew up on Long Island and always enjoyed spending time at the ocean. I now live in Tucson, Arizona and don't get to enjoy the beach very often.