Source of Life

   by Martina Lo for Build A Dream (2014)

I started out by building a circular base for the model using the Mystery Build box lid, card stock paper, tempered hardboard, and 6"x8" canvas board. I then made a frame for the model-a layered tower where each layer decreases in size from bottom to top-using wires and styrofoam rod. The base of the structure is supported by stacking biodegradable packing peanuts. Next, each plane was sized and cut using the bottom cardboard box of the Mystery Build container. I then molded the wire mesh around each layer to form molds for plaster. After creating all the plaster parts-which were to represent the cliffs, it was time to put everything together. I painted the entire structure and also added clay boulders. Finally, the waterfall completed the artwork.

I chose to use the theme "Build a Dream" to reflect a realistic dream of mine-water conservation. The cascading waterfall reflects the beauty of nature often overlooked or taken for granted. The symbolic nature of water-strength and persistence-was a significant factor in the design of the model.