Steampunk memory

   by MaryLou Steele for Build A Dream (2014)

The very first subject I wanted to get done in my project was to get the hard material out of the way, so I started with my character. Since I was quite familiar with the steampunk fashion, It was not too hard to decide what this character would wear and how he would look. I then started to cut and sew the thin fabric I was supplied with in the box, into a tight, ragged suit. Even though I was not too satisfied with my results, I remembered that I could always fix it up by cutting some loose ends off of the cloth. Deciding how the top hat would be put together was a challenge. Seeing how I was not capable of sewing a circular cut of fabric with a straight one, causing it to wrinkle or bend the three-dimensional figure it made, I had no choice but to use a different material for the base of the hat. I hot - glued one of the wooden chips to a cylinder-shaped fabric cut out. Then, I used the thin, bendable wires for belts and fancy ankle bracelets for my character. Next, I had to create my platform. I started to cut out square shapes out of the box top to make it look like the setting was in a steampunk city. I then took multiple acrylic paint bottles that contained several shades of brown and gold for the flooring. I used the brownish and greyish colors as the base, and many of the gold shades I used for the rusty background. after doing so, I molded the clay into the shape of a small steam powered machine. I struggled with this, mainly because the clay was always wet, and I was so clueless of when it would dry. Soon enough I found my chance to paint it, and during the process, I inserted two pieces of the thin wire as small pipes in the side of the machine. Finally I was able to paint my steampunk man's suit and hat and before I knew it, it was time to hot glue my character into position. Turns out however, hot glue only bleached the color off of the machine, so we decided to use the Epoxy glue instead. We glued the elbow of the man to the top of the machine and the feet, crossed, to the floor. I turned in the project the next day, finished.

The inspiration for my project was from a dream that I had a couple years ago when I was ten. The dream included a scene I well remember where I was facing a tall, thin man who was introducing a new type of machine.