Sunlight always shines

   by Adrian Lemus and Josey, Crystal for Build A Dream (2014)

How we built our project was we first started off with just the board and drawing and thinking how our mountain was going to look without just looking like a cone. So we first started by bending the wire from the bottom of the board to the top sort of as a cone figure but we made it go all around as a 3D skeleton. Next we took the Styrofoam pole and stuck it in the center of gravity where all the ends of wires met in order to keep it from falling over when we added the monsters of painted it. Then we took the wire mesh and and placed it and stretched it around the skeleton and since there were indents because of the wire doesn't make it whole so that's how we got the bumpy texture of the mountain. Next we took the plaster gauze and we started to apply it to the wire mesh to get the solid 3-Dimensional look and not just a flat 2-Dimensional project. The wire mesh didn't make it all the way down the mountain so we had to use the plain white construction paper in order to get the bottom half of the mountain in order to finish applying the plaster gauze. After we had the whole mountain covered up with it we began the process of painting it we used Dark brown and Black acrylic paint to give the mountain sort of a dark rusty type of mood since our dream was based on somewhat of a nightmare. Then we used the box and the packing peanuts to make the support so, we used the cloth for the water that way its not just a still box with water painted on it. We wanted to give a sense of realism so by painting the water a dark blue and adding the cloth over the peanuts gave us that texture we wanted. We used clay for the monsters and the little girl. And lastly the background was also apart of the box just painted over to give that creepy feeling in the air but that one beam of sunshine shows that everything is better.

Our inspiration for our project was that not all things are as bad as they may look like to you. For example we have a the scary monsters crawling up and you assume that they are going to eat the little girl that's sitting on top of the mountain but in reality there was that one monster that was holding out the flower to little girl to cheer her up and to let her know that things are not so bad and that not all things are scary as they may look like.

We want to wish everyone in the contest best of luck and that hope everyone had as much fun building their dream as we did. Thank you.