Sweet Dreams

   by Alexandra Comfort for Build A Dream (2014)

Needle nose pliers and manicure kit tools that I use for sculpting. I made a mold with the wire mesh and plaster cloth off of a Styrofoam head a friend had. I used the clay for the hair. Disassembled the wooden doll and made the pieces into candy pieces and wrapped them with the plastic wrapping that came on the box. I used the box it came in as the base for everything. I attached the head to the box with the armature wire and sewed the canvas to the box and stuffed it with the packing peanuts and novelty ear. Everything was painted with acrylic.

This was a really broad theme and I love play on words so it was interesting to try and make something representation of a thing that you can't see.

This was a lot tougher that I thought it would be. Thanks y'all.