Sweet Dreams

   by James Whiteside for Build A Dream (2014)

I used all the materials in the kit except the large ear. The wire included in the kit was used as armature to sculpt on, and I used a dried seed pod as a stamping tool to create the texture on the sea monster. The styrofoam dowel was used for the pilings and the wood dowel was used for the ship's mast. The wire was used to create details on the pilings in addition to the armature. The loose piece of canvas was used for the sail, which I tore and stained with coffee. Two lines of rigging were made by winding multiple pieces of the included thread together to form a thicker rope line. Parts of the kit box were cut up and used to make the ship deck/dock. Triangular scraps of the box were used beneath the gauze to create wave peaks. My only added materials were acrylic paint and a small amount of glue.

After I received the kit, my wife and I looked at the contents and talked about ideas for creating a surreal dream-scape. When I saw that casting gauze was included, the first thing I thought about was creating waves. My wife suggested using the sculpting compound for some type of sea monster, and then I thought about morphing the wooden anatomical figure partially into human features. I also morphed the boat deck/dock together. Is it a boat? Is it a dock? It is both at the same time, just as in dreams something can start as one thing and become something else, and not necessarily make sense. I've entitled my piece "Sweet Dreams" because I am a surrealist artist, and I enjoy and am inspired by dreams that are strange, frightening, and disjointed.

As instructed, NONE of the packing materials were used in the project. The progress photos show the shipping box, which I only used to elevate the project on while taking the photos. I just want to make sure the judges know that I followed the rules completely. The only things I added were paint and a small amount of glue.