Sweet Dreams And Nightmares

   by Victoria Rodriguez for Build A Dream (2014)

First I made a plan/model on a piece of paper as a guideline. Then I took the Box I was given and cut and folded it inside out, so it would be easier to paint. Then I took the other half of the box and used it as the background. I used acrylic paints to paint the base of the scene. I started on the head by cutting and shaping the novelty foam ear into the face of the dragon. I used clay to mold the face while using wire to use as a base for the horns. When I was satisfied the shape of the head I painted the head with acrylic paints. (I painted everything with acrylic) And I used the Styrofoam rod for the neck of the dragon. I got started on the body while the head was drying. I used wire as the base for the body then I used the packaging peanuts to form the shape of the body. I used the plaster cloth to wrap the body and smooth it out. I finally used clay to smooth the bumps and edges and painted it once it set. For the limbs and the tails I took wire and used it for the base, then I used packing peanuts to form the shape of the legs and tail. I took plaster cloth wrap and wrapped the limbs and also used clay to smooth it out. I painted all the limbs and added claws and scales. For the wings I cut the two square basswood dowels and wire and used them as a frame for the wings. I layered the canvas cloth by folding it so that each side will be symmetrical. Then I used the remaining cloth to cover the wood by using glue and painted the wings. I had to take the metal stick from the wooden mannequin to use as a support beam for my dragon. when assembling my parts together I poked wire through each other the body parts and connected them to the body of the dragon. I glued the head and wings only to the body. When creating my background I used scraps from the novelty foam ear and cut them into the shapes of mushrooms, then applied them to the box and painted. I took my natural sea sponge and ripped it into pieces to look like grass, and applied them to the box and painted. After I was done with the left side I moved to the right side and started with the tombstones. I made the tombstones out of left over cardboard pieces and glued them on and painted. Lastly I took the packing peanuts, glued them to the box, and wetted them with brown paint to look like dirt.

I got inspiration from my fascination and love of dragons since they only become real in my dreams. But everything can turn into a nightmare in a second, and your deep dark fears wake you up at night only to remember where you are. There's always good and bad dreams that you cant escape.

I started the majority of my project 2 weeks prior to the deadline. I wish I could've done more and put more time into it. But school always got in the way or my community service (key club). I'm however glad that at least I finished something I can be proud of in the little amount of time I had. I learned lots of things while completing this project and next time I can fix my mistakes. I tried my very best and I hope you guys like it.