Talking to the North Wind

   by Susan Crandall for Build A Dream (2014)

I covered the mannequin with the clay and formed features. I used the canvas cloth for her skirt and the white paper for the train of her skirt. I used the thread to sew a design on the wire mesh and it then became her cape. I used the aluminum rod for the railing, the dowels for the spindles, and ith wire to put ornamentation on the railing. I snipped the peanuts and used the Styrofoam rod to give them different heights. The hardboard is the base. The stairs were created using the cardboard from the box. The backdrop is the lid of the box. The plaster cloth was used to create wind. The wind was made 3D with the help of the plastic wrap that was around the box. Paint and add an ear. Voila!

When I think of a dream, I think of the sky. Floating on the wind. I liked the idea that the North Wind would be masculine and the mannequin would be feminine.

Painting the clay was a challenge. I like the way the thread on the wire mesh made it look like lace.