That Dream from Last Week

   by Shanda Sye for Build A Dream (2014)

I started off using some of the packing peanuts to make the wings, this was done by shredding them by hand. Then I sewed some of the larger pieces to some aluminum wire with a needle and the nylon thread. After that, smaller pieces of the shred were added by using a q-tip to rub water on them so they would stick. After the wings were done I made a few vines and a little creature with the clay. I took apart the mannequin using a nib to un screw it, because I couldn’t find my screwdriver, and used parts from that, a packing peanut, and some aluminum wire to make my little person. Then shredded some canvas for hair and soaked it in water and india ink to dye it black. I then used the tempered hardboard and the two smaller dowels to make the base for my swing. I used a wood-burning tool to put holes in the board and the dowels. Next I screwed in the dowels to the board using the longest screws from the mannequin and used some aluminum wire and one of the wood discs to make the swing. After that I covered the swing and dowels in clay vines. To make the base larger I flattened out the bottom part of the mystery build box and glued the hard board to a corner of it. I then glued the Styrofoam rod to the cardboard and attached two pieces of aluminum wire to it and the vined dowels. The wired mesh was used along with the plaster wrap to make the hill. The plaster was also used to make my little person look less like a puppet. I let the sponge soak in green food coloring and water to make it look mossy. I made purple water with food coloring and soaked some packing peanuts in it to make them mushy so I could make the bark of the tree. That caused some structural problems so aluminum wire was used to anchor it to the flaps of the box, they were then made to look like roots by covering them with the purple mush. After that half of the canvas cloth was soaked and microwaved in orange water and then dried and cut up to make leaves for the tree. I soaked a little of the nylon thread in the india ink mix to dye it black then used it to sew the canvas string on my little person. After that I painted the box and hard board green with acrylic paint and also painted the little person. I made the dress out of a piece of the card stock that I crumpled, cut up, painted, and then sewed on to her. A few pieces of canvas string left over from the tree leaves were used for the dress belt. The red frog was made from part of the Van Gogh ear and parts of the mannequin that were held together using the aluminum wire. The bird was created using parts of the mannequin aluminum wire and the rest of the Van Gogh ear. I used a screwdriver to drill a hole in the bird’s head so it would fit on the mannequin stand and painted it. I then sewed the wings for the girl to bent pieces of aluminum wire and attached them to the girl by sticking one end of the wire down the back of her dress, and covering it with her hair. After that I used the packing peanuts to make rocks by cutting them up painting them grey and also painted a couple as logs. I used acrylic paint to add water to the scene and to color the vines. Then I used the clay to create more vine between the tree and the swing and painted them green. After that I soaked the rest of the cardstock in water with green yellow and red food coloring, rung it out, torn it up and let it dry to make grassy loam. I made the carnivorous flowers out of springs and wood parts from the mannequin and the rest of the canvas as well as aluminum wire. I used an iron to make creases in the canvas and cut them in to different shapes using scissors and painted them with acrylic paint, and used the wood burner tool to put holes in the mannequin parts to run the wire through. The tongues are pieces of rolled and painted clay. I Painted bushes on the side of the box and poked a hole through it and put the bird’s stand through it bending it with pliers to get it to sit properly. Then I tore up the sponge and placed it around the base of the tree. After that I ironed out some packing peanuts by folding them in paper towel. I cut some up and painted them to use as leaves and glued it to the vines. I also painted some whole ones gluing them to the bottom of one dowel and putting one in the water. I then painted my little creature and set it up to get eaten but the flower.

I chose to take the theme literally and build an actual dream. My inspiration was a scene from a weird dream I had a long time ago and never forgot because it was kind of creepy.