The Artist Dreaming

   by Kerri Warner for Build A Dream (2014)

I used the materials as listed below: (see photos with narrative for further description)
Hardboard - used as a substrate for the woman's portrait
Canvas Cloth - Used as a drop cloth
Wire Mesh - formed the eyebrows and lashes of the dreamer
Aluminum Rod - cut and pounded to form a ring for the dreamer
Aluminum Wire Spool - Used to help support the rungs in the ladder, to make the paint can handles and around the paint brush, also used as a material for the mannequin to use to hard wire the dreamers brain

Natural Sea Sponge - used as the starting point for the brain - you can no longer see it - it's covered with packing peanuts

Nylon Thread - Did not use
Plastic Egg - Half the egg formed the paint pot for the artist
Card Stock Paper - Used as sketch paper for the artist's practice drawings of the ear
Modeling Clay - Used to form the face - removed after the plaster dried
Canvas Board - Substrate for the artists painting of a vase
Plaster Cloth - Formed the face, arm and hand
Styrofoam Rod - cut and hollowed to make the paint cans
Mannequin - The manipulator of dreams
Square Dowels - All used to make the ladder
Round Dowel - formed the handle of the paintbrush
Wood Discs - used to support the paint pot and make the color wheel
Novelty Foam Ear - used to depict an artist's mannequin
Packing Peanuts - brain material
Plastic spool inside the plaster cloth - cut to form the tip of the paintbrush
Box the materials came in - bottom of the box formed the pillow

I had been thinking about the theme 'build a dream' and how an artist's dream might be depicted. How could I show how creativity happens or why an artist uses a certain color pallet in their work. When I opened the box and saw the small mannequin, the idea of it coming to life and manipulating the dreams of an artist came to mind. I thought the packing peanuts looked like brain matter and from there the use of all the other materials fell into plac

These were some tough materials! clay, packing peanuts, plaster cloth.... all tended to move/break/change/dissolve every time they were touched.