The Dream Giver

   by Sheala Bacon for Build A Dream (2014)

I did some carving, gluing and lots of assemblage and painting. I used everything or a piece of everything except the rubber band and the paint board. A few things are left as natural, mostly the metal wires and mesh. I used the cardboard box as the base, the bottom have, glued, cut and painted together for the shelves. The figure and many objects are clay covering styrofoam or sponge, then painted. I liked mixing different media to get what I wanted.

I like to imagine there is a character, a Dream Giver, who goes form room to room, floating nebulous ephemera to sleepers. the sleepers then dream this material into creative objects to be used later.

I both had fun doing this and sometimes wanted to bang my head on the wall working through the limitations of the materials. This made the project interesting and pushed me to create harder.