The Dream Starts Here...

   by Kelly Osgood for Build A Dream (2014)

How did I Build my Mystery Build project?...I enter the competition at a late date ... in September 2014...I 'm a single mom with two kids so, I worked on my project when I could!...Mom mode came first!... I began building my project from the ground up...I used both the tempered hardboard and the canvas board as my base for my entire project...I used a hot gun to connect the two boards together...I used hot glue as the primary source of attaching items all through out the entire project. I flattened the kit's box and lid and used the cardboard for constructing the three level stages . For my "Window to the Future"...I used the square basswood dowels for the window frame and the clear cellophane wrap , that the Mystery Build Kit came sealed in , as the panes of glass for the windows . I then replaced two of the clear window panes with wire mesh to represent the thought that...The view of the future is not always clear!. The base for the window stand was made from the nylon thread stool and one of tho wood disc. The left over cardboard was used to create the display for the egg and the womb...and the box which the wooden mannequin came in was used as the base for the upper level stage.
All the models used were all constructed using different processes. The female adult was created by using the wooden mannequin and covering her with the Van Aken modeling clay, the female child was made from an aluminum wire armature I constructed and covered with the Van Aken modeling clay...The baby's form was made from the corn starch packing peanuts... the nylon thread ...and fingernail polish!...yes, it was very interesting that the packing peanuts were made from corn starch and that they were biodegradable...any water based liquid such as acrylic paint or white glue would render them to a messy melted pile of unusable goo I discovered that painting them with fingernail polish would keep the form intact allowing me to cover it with the Van Aken modeling clay...and lastly, the human embryo was created with the packing peanuts by wrapping them with the nylon thread and painting them with flesh tone fingernail polish and the umbilical cord is pulled strings from the canvas cloth colored red and blue to represent blood flowing through it... the womb is the novelty foam Van Gogh ear, upside down...The egg was a bright orange plastic egg painted several coats of a primer latex paint and the attached sperm was made from a cut packing peanut pounded flat and tied at one end with nylon thread and and twisted and painted with fingernail polish a hot glue thread... The carved Styrofoam rod made two lovely looking marble columns...the entire framework...the stages...window frame... the bases and signs and columns were painted with a white latex paint .Again all items were attached with hot glue. The embryo is hot glued in the foam ear which is presenting the human womb... and then, attached to it's designed display area. The models stands are hot glued down and a canvas blanket made from the canvas cloth is placed under the baby model. Because I was concerned about my model's being nude and considered inappropriate for the contest , I opted for using the clear cellophane wrap that the canvas panel came in, to wrap my models and paint with gold glitter to mask their nudity.
The card stock paper came in handy for painting the lettering for the "Dream Starts Here... and the Windows To The Future, signs. Assorted enamel and latex & acrylic paints were used along with fingernail polishes. Scissors, razors and knives were the cutting tools . Sharpies, pencils and a multiple rulers and straight edges , pliers and a maillot ..,.white glue and glue sticks and a whole lot of patience made up the rest of my tools...The lettering for the signs "Build A Dream" were cut from the box lid of the kit and the rules booklet.

What was my inspiration for the project...My thought process was be able to build a must be alive...and from the moment of conception when all life start building your dream from that moment on...and way into your future.

This competition became more to me then just a contest became a personal journey of self discovery...I discovered new mediums to work with in the future...I discovered an attitude of faith and patience that will follow me into my future...and last I discovered that I'm always building on my dreams and moving forward