The Dream Tones

   by Carlen Lovejoy for Build A Dream (2014)

The outside of the radio was built from the Mystery Build box, reshaped, painted and wood grained. Styrofoam rod slices were shaped and painted for the knobs. The channel selector was constructed of paper and shrink wrap with painted box board trim. The window cutouts were covered from the inside with painted wire mesh.
The main area inside the radio was painted. The floor is covered with the canvas cloth. The stage curtain was painted on the canvas board, then glued to the wall.
The radio back board was assembled on the shaped hardboard. The variety of radio parts was made from part of the mannequin box, the wooded dowels, Styrofoam rod pieces, the spools from the thread and wire, painted aluminum wire, and copper wire made from multiple plies of thread that was then painted. The radio tubes were made from Styrofoam rod slices, wire, thread and shrink wrap.
The band members were sculpted from packing peanuts on wire armatures, then painted.
The instruments were constructed of box board, part of the mannequin box, wire, a wooden disc, and dowels. The thread strings were added after they were painted. The drummer's stool was made of wire. The mikes have box board bases, wire and packing peanut mikes that were painted. They are wired with cords made of multiple plies of thread that was painted.
I used the mannequin as a prop in my video. I used some of the other Mystery Build components as tools for painting and sculpting and weights for gluing.

When I was young, I would watch the flickering lights from the old radio tubes. At night I would dream of the tiny people inside the radio singing, playing, and dancing. Years later I heard a song by Greg Brown and knew I was not the only one dreaming of those little people! I knew right away that the dream I needed to build was a vintage radio complete with the tiny band, The Dream Tones.