The Dream of Being

   by Janet Elliott for Build A Dream (2014)

The bottom base was made from the cardboard project box, resized & reinforced. The inner base and canopy structures are saw cut from 8x10 hardboard. The tree trunk is made from square dowels covered with the split 1" styrofoam rod, carved, then filled in with moistened packing peanuts. The vine is made from 1/4" aluminum rod, bent & covered in fringed canvas. The top of the vine is aluminum wire looped & twisted, covered with fringed canvas, then covered with plaster cloth when branching out. The outer ground is covered with saw cut canvas board & various cardboard from the kit. The inner ground plaster cloth (with added sea sponge pieces for texture) is supported with the plastic egg, Van Gogh's ear, the mannequin base & cut square wood dowels.
The figure is the mannequin with lower right arm & wire support removed, repositioned then wired to the hardboard base. He is covered with Van Aken modeling clay & dressed up with fringed canvas. The display was painted with acrylic paints. The tree leaves are punched holes from 8½" x 11" card stock paper, then glued to nylon thread.

The mannequin itself was the inspiration. I felt he was longing to become more.