The Dreamer Meets the Great Kublai Khan

   by Elizabeth Ihlenfeld and Elizabeth Ihlenfeld, Kris Hagen, Lori Hieronymus for Build A Dream (2014)

This project took a couple of months to build but planning started at the beginning of the year. We used almost everything provided in order to complete the project.
The globe was made with plaster cloth molded over a rubber ball, then removed. The equator rim was made from the mystery build box and attached with copy paper and glue. The vertical brace was made from hardboard cut on a scroll saw. The top and bottom pole is made from the 1" styrofoam rod.
The ship hull was made with hardboard and the mannequin box stuffed with pieces of the foam ear. The mast were then created by cutting and sanding the wooden dowels into long narrow sticks. These were painted, glued and wrapped with the nylon thread. The sails were then cut from the canvas cloth and glued with nylon thread to use as attachment points to the masts.
The book was created using the mystery build box and canvas for the book spine. Inside the book is a block of modeling clay to weight the book. The mannequin base is also inside to help hold the globe and provide a steady point for the globe to rotate on.
The figures are made from aluminum wire and mannequin parts covered with packing peanuts. Plasticine clay was then added over the top for final shaping.
Khan's hat was made with part of the Easter egg, modeling and bits of sea sponge for fur trim. His toe nails are aluminum wire and his facial hair is canvas thread. Khan's collar was made from paper pulp pushed into a mold. The pulp came from the canvas board with the canvas removed. All the clothes were made from canvas cloth and nylon thread for details. Marco's whiskers are nylon thread. Sleeping Winnie also used the 1-1/2" disc on bottom.
The throne was made with hardboard, mannequin box cardboard, square dowel rods, aluminum wire and a mannequin part used as a bead. The floor was made from the mystery build box and the spool from the aluminum wire attached on bottom. This was used to make the globe rotate.
The banners were made from the canvas that was stripped from the canvas board, glued and then painted. The rod was a dowel rod glued inside the globe. The header above the banners were made with aluminum wire shaped and pounded flat, then sewn with nylon thread to the wire mesh. A mannequin "bead" was added for trim.
The globe border was made with the same paper pulp pushed into a mold as Khan's collar, glued, painted an then antiqued.

Lori, Kris and I have always had a dream of telling stories about our furry, four legged friends. We always suspected our furry friends were great explorers and adventures at heart because every night when we watched them dreaming there were clues. Sometimes it was the twitch of a whisker or the thwapping of a tail, and sometimes a sleepy 'woof' in the night. For years we have been talking about their adventures, telling tales and crafting their stories. So when the theme of 'build a dream' came up, this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to tell one of our stories, and to build a sculpture inspired by that story. This is the adventure of Winnie the Cat who dreamt he was Marco Polo, the famous explorer....and meeting the Great Kublai Khan!

Thanks Mystery Build for helping us build our dream!