The Fly Dreams of Toads

   by Molly Van Nice for Build A Dream (2014)

I began by dismantling the manikin into the two parts of the torso and head; glued those together in reverse order and carved the thorax of the fly using xacto blades and various Dremel heads and copious sanding. Made the head of the fly by gluing several pieces of the 1/4 " square dowel together, then carved. Wings were made of cut wire mesh and cellophane from the packaging of the Mystery box (the latter also used, with acrylic paint, for the ruffles on the toothpicks). Hairs on fly are bits of wood shavings; legs are carved from the dowels, as are the toothpicks. Color on fly are from chalk dust applied with brush and several layers of sprayed workable fixative.

Leaf and bloom is made from plaster cloth on a small wire armature, cast on a clay mold (clay then removed) and colored with several layers of chalk dust and acrylic paint. Stamen of the flower is made from watered packing peanuts and painted with acrylic paint.

I read the line "fly dreams of toads" many years ago in an article bemoaning poets and poetry. I thought it was at once funny and, given the context, amazingly snotty. Also somewhat poignant, even if anthropocentric. But I always wanted to use it in some way, and this seemed to be an opportunity.