The Great Escape

   by Theresa Elliott-Lofton for Build A Dream (2014)

Materials Used:

The Foundation: The face is made of plaster cloth formed over a plastic mask (mask was removed), the surrounding rocks are made of the Mystery Build booklet, the floor of sculpture is of the kit's box, and the Wave¯ around the face is a thinly painted layer of Elmer's glue and food dye on piece of the shrink wrap that held the materials together inside the MB box. The teacup base is made of the skin from the kit's box. The swirling rocks around the island are made of the cornstarch packing materials cut and painted. Much of the aluminum wire ascents are hammered flat. The jagged rocks behind the Monster are pressed board painted.
The Tea Cup Rabbit Haven: the walls with the rabbit motif and the growing ivy (painted on) are made of the canvas board after the canvas cloth was stripped off. The teacup base is made with aluminum wires and mesh combined with more paper skin stripped off the outside of kit's box and plaster cloth. The 'porcelain' element of the cup is constructed of clay sealed with Elmer's school glue and hand painted with acrylic paints. The mushrooms are made with the plastic eggshells and aluminum wire wrapped with cornstarch packaging peanuts. The grass is fabricated from Stripped canvas cloth. The lanterns are made from the joint pieces of the miniature mannequin and crocheted string.
The Turning Wheel and Gears (Tide): is pressed board with a hard foam cylinder base. The gears are made of the miniature manikin and the box it came in, as well as some of the wooden dowels.
The Rabbits: consist of rounded clay dipped and painted with Elmer's glue, their ears are punched paper attached to the head with crimped wire mesh. The Queen Rabbit has delicate lace ears crocheted out of nylon thread, the Navigator Rabbit has ears made of the plastic bag that held the plaster cloth and painted.
The Webbed Traps: made up of starch, glue and string and a little spray paint.
The Deep Sea Cricket Monster: The main body structure is made from the MB box with the skin stripped off. The stain glass spinal column is made of a thinly painted layer of Elmer's glue and food dye on piece of the shrink-wrap that held the material together inside the MB box. The joints have spring elements from the mini manikin.

In America's early childhood it took on a new journey. The time was exciting and turbulent. The great Art Nouveau (1890-1910) and Art Deco (1920-1940) Ages were a passionate defiance to the harsher industrial revolution. Some of the greatest and most inspiring ways of thinking came from these eras.
I am enlightened to see the resilience of the American spirit captured at this time. Man would still seek beauty and fly to freedom in the midst of the night.
"But with their going, oh, the surge
Of loss they left in me!
For in my heart was born the urge,
The passion to be free"
"Flight"¯ by Robert Service