The Heritage of Hermes: Build a Dream

   by Helen Buck for Build A Dream (2014)

I used a Styrofoam model and wrapped it with the plaster cast fabric: first the front and then the back separately. After allowing these two halves to dry, I began joining the two halves with the balance of the plaster cast fabric.

I then cut out the desired shape of the wings using the provide box and a french curve as the template. Each wing was glued to the dried cast using a hot glue gun.

The feathers are made up of the packing peanuts. Using scissors, I was able to cut each peanut into shapes resembling feathers. A hot glue gun was once again employed to adhere each feather to the card board wing forms. Next I applied the clay and modeled the facial features with various tools.

The interior is supported with a type of armature made with the wooden square dowels glued into place and the canvas sheet is cut to fit over the wood dowels. The base is the canvas panel.

The cellophane wrapping which sealed the box was carefully removed upon opening and used in the next step. First I used the roll of craft wire to create the jagged swirling feature emerging from the cranium.

The entire piece was painted with a opalescent spray paint before applying the cellophane feature. Cutting the wire mesh into two pieces, I used these at the front and back of the opening for the cranium. It is meant to reflect a kind of peeling back of the old barriers.The cellophane is placed within and around the wire "cage".

Using a punch set, I cut the shapes of the butterflies out of the provided white art paper. After bending each butterfly, I applied them to specific areas.

A fascination with the human psyche and the study of Jung: id, ego and super ego. This lead me to the concept of the birth or perhaps, rebirth of the three levels of the mind. Thus the building of dream is relieved in the discovery and transparency: we are thrust out into the world

Building the dream, this Hermes figure is bringing forth from the cocoon of his own psyche a rebirth of the id, ego and superego. The transparency of the cellophane is a testament to celerity enjoyed by self revelation. The wire represents a spring, pushing or forcing these revelations to the surface. The butterfly imagery was chosen as on of the natural world's expression of birth.

"The id being the source of psychological energy derived from instinctual needs and drives
The ego being the organized conscious mediator between the internal person and the external reality

The superego being the internalization of the conscious mind, extenuated by rules, conflict, morals, guilt, and so on" (cited: New World Encyclopedia online,_superego,_and_id )

Hermes was the mystagogue and psycho pomp of the alchemists, their friend and counselor, who leads them to the goal of their work. He is “like a teacher mediating between the stone and the disciple.” To others the friend appears in the shape of Christ or Khidr or a visible or invisible guru, or some other personal guide or leader figure.” (Carl Jung, CW 9I, para. 283)