The Inner World of Dr. Seuss

   by Gabrielle Oudemool for Build A Dream (2014)

Materials used; wire spool, van aken modeling clay, canvas board, wooden mannequin, round wood dowel, wood disc, corn starch biodegradable packing Peanuts, box mystery build came in and the plastic wrapper.

Techniques and tools; I used clay sculpting tool to sculpt the clay onto the wooden mannequin and to sculpt other figures. I used scissors to cut box apart and a glue gun to glue the box together, elements on to the box and the tree. I used a saw to cut the wooden dowel for the tree. I used acrylic paint and brushes to paint most of the project used a wash technique, dry brush, and just painting regular. I used spray paint to pain the tree. I used markers to draw the pond.

Dr. Seuss Books;"The Lorax", "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", "The Cat in the Hat", Green Eggs and Ham", and "Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"

I imagined jumping into each of the books and looking around