The Inside of a Dream Catcher

   by Ian Jones for Build A Dream (2014)

I wanted to use all materials inside the box, including the box. I needed to conserve the clay; One of the strategies I used to do that was I tore apart the wooden man, and used those pieces to create the bodies for most of my characters. I wrapped these pieces and the packing peanuts inside the box in plaster clothe. I used the clay to form most of the exterior surfaces of the characters and some of the weapons. Clay was also important for the small pieces on the bed. I used the wire in several different ways. I used it to hold together some of the clouds, to create most of the weapons, to make the supporting structure for the flower and trees, I cut it up and painted it to make bullets for the elephant, the robotic arm of the light bulb, and the dream catcher on the bed. I used to fabric to make the apron on the octopus, aviator hat on the pig, and the cape of the ice cream cone. I used the sponge to create the fire on the flame thrower, the fire on the pig's jet, and for the Dr. Suess trees. I used the yarn for the hair on the sleeping child, for the dream catcher, for the mane on the unicorn, and the string on the Octupus's bow. I used the metal mesh for the fence, for chain-mail armor on the ice cream cone, light bulb and octopus, for the shield at the feet of the, the knife in the Octopus's arm, and it was also used in the robotic arm of the light bulb. I used the box cover to create the background. I used the remainder of the box to form some of the clouds. I cut up the bottom of the box to create grass and also to create the planet in the background. I was able to get more out of the box by splitting the cardboard in half to get twice the amount. I used the wooden sticks to create the bed post on the child's bed, and the fudge pop's stick. Then, I carved the wooden bed posts. I used the brown board in the box by cutting it up to make the bricks, then I also grinded it to create the dirt. I used the sheet of paper provided as the wall behind the bed, I also used the picture frame inside the box by cutting it and making it into the Dr. Suess poster.

I wanted to create something that was fun, unique, and could only exist the mind. I incorporated different styles and themes found in other pieces of art.

The viewer of the project should try to notice all the tiny details and added in features. One of the most important things to notice is that everything on the bed is a major character up above. The writing on the ice cream cone is Latin for ice cream. This is an example of one of the details added in to each character which gives them each their own unique image.