The Moon Path

   by Jennifer Justice for Build A Dream (2014)

-wooden figure for base of figurine
-sculpted hands and mask from plastina and painted w/acrylic paints
-molded plaster cloth for clothes around figure
- pleated and molded plaster cloth for coat
-used a base coat of white paint to help smooth out plaster cloth
-painted clothes with acrylic paint; added paper ornamental designs I painted on the card stock sheet and glued onto coat
-feathers hand cut from card stock sheet, dyed with calligraphy ink
-top hat made from Styrofoam cylinder and painted card stock paper brim
-pole for boat made from the round wooden dowel and painted w/acrylics
-boat cut from cardboard taken from the bottom of MB box and glued together
-plaster cloth cover over cardboard boat to stabilize joints and give texture
-painted boat w/base coat of white paint to smooth surface, then used acrylic paints to decorate
-"wings" on back of boat made from painted wire mesh and painted card stock paper

the idea was to combine Steampunk with Venetian carnivalesque for the general style; the man is attempting to use a modified boat to fly to the moon