The Pastry Girl

   by Conner Bumgarner for Build A Dream (2014)

I started out using the wooden mannequin as a base form: one of the first things that I did was build the face and hair using the modeling clay and constructed the basic infrastructure of the skirt using the thick wire. The face was sculpted using carving tools and an x acto knife, while the wire was manipulated using needle nose pliers and affixed together with hot glue. Once I finished those two, I used packing peanuts to pack in the skirt so that the plaster would go over it smoothly, and then used water to make the plaster layer over the mannequin to form clothing. I used modeling clay for the bust, trim, and around the joints and packing peanuts for the rest of the trim and the back of the dress. All of the color was done using acrylic paint.

The phrase "Build a Dream" made me think of a more childlike image, and I felt that it would be best to do a more cute themed image. I chose to do a pastry theme, turning the wooden mannequin into a woman wearing a pastry themed dress: the front is layered like a cake, with strawberries, icing and chocolate shavings replacing ruffles, while the back appears like a scoop of ice cream with syrup dripping down into a long train. I sculpted the hair to look like whipped cream topped with a cherry; she's a personification of desert that would only really appear in a child's dream.